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Event Cancelled Until Further Notice

We are sorry to inform you that our event, Vape North America expo which was scheduled to be held in Toronto on March 2-3, 2019 has been canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Since we began the process of planning this expo there have been regulation changes which unfortunately were not to our benefit. When we first started we had full assurance that we would be able to move forward with this event at The Toronto Congress Centre while being able to vape indoors and display products. Unfortunately our venue notified us last week that this was no longer a possibility.

From early on we have been in contact with Health Canada (who was planning on attending our event), Ontario Public Health (Tobacco Enforcement), specialty lawyers and The Toronto Congress Centre and unfortunately we were unable to come to an amicable solution.

We strive to always put on the best show for our vendors and consumers. With the recent regulation changes, this made it impossible to put on the show we had intended and the type of event this great industry and city deserve.

We are a team that believes Canada deserves a great international vape expo and we are  actively looking for new Provinces in Canada that will accommodate us. It is our hope that many of you will follow us to a new location yet to be determined. As for now we have many other international shows and we hope to see some of you there.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for understanding the matter.

With best regards.

Vape North America Team


Vape Expo Toronto Canada 2019

Meet new wholesale customers and consumers in a market that just opened up to international companies. There is over 70 shops in Toronto, and a population of 2.75M.


Why Attend Vape North America Expo?

Network - Vape Expo Canada - Vape North America 2019

Discover the Benefits of Vaping

Learn why vaping is 95% safer than traditional tobacco from experienced industry professionals. Our exhibitors are eager to educate consumers on why using electronic cigarettes is a better choice.

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Discover New Products

Sample and purchase new eJuices and devices from some of the most reliable and popular brands in the industry. Our exhibitors are there to help choose the best products and answer any questions you have.

Toronto Convention - Vape Expo Canada - Vape North America 2019

Experience Toronto

Enjoy music by our DJ and live performances from local artists. We will also have our exhibitors do giveaways, and have advocacy groups speak about the industry at Vape North America 2019.

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